1. This organisation be known as PORTHCAWL ANGLING ASSOCIATION.
  2. The object of this Association is to provide and promote Freshwater Course Fishing in Porthcawl.
  3. The business of the Association shall be transacted by a Committee, which shall consist of Officers and six Members, along with three Trustees of the management committee of the PAA with reservations as required for two sitting Councilors.
  4. The Officers shall consist of; Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Five persons, including Officers, shall constitute a quorum at committee meetings.
  5. The Annual General Meeting of all members shall be held in May each year to elect Officers and pass accounts. All nominations and items for the agenda to be in writing, and in the hands of the Secretary twenty-eight clear days prior to the AGM. At least twenty-eight clear days notice shall be given to all members of the meeting. Fifteen members shall constitute a quorum.
  6. The Committee, at the first meeting following the AGM shall elect from that Committee, a Vice-Chairman.
  7. Committee meetings to be held at the discretion of the Officials. Members may attend, but in a non-voting capacity. Any Committee member, failing to attend three consecutive meetings, without tending apologies, must attend the following meeting to explain his absence. Failure to attend this meeting shall be considered as a resignation from the Committee.
  8. When required, a match fishing section will be formed with a match Secretary appointed by the Committee annually. The section shall make its own decisions regarding match fishing, but at all times will be responsible to the general Committee.
  9. The Secretary and Treasurer shall receive monies collected and record same. An annual balance of accounts sheets shall be prepared, and a summary of same made available to the membership at each AGM.
  10. The Committee shall be empowered to limit the membership.
  11. The Committee shall have the power to make by-laws as and when seen fit to do so.
  12. Upon a written request of any twenty members, the Secretary shall call an extraordinary meeting. Fourteen days notice of such a meeting to be given to all members specifying the reason for which it has been called.
  13. Any alteration of the Constitution shall be dealt with at the AGM. Or at a special meeting called for that purpose.
  14. All members, are at all times to protect all stages of the environment, wildfowl and swans etc. Keep the premises clean, tidy and free of litter, not to pollute the premises or allow pollution to escape there from.
  15. It is incumbent upon all members and visitors to remove all nylon and other lines, traces, hooks and dispose of them in a proper manner, ensuring none are left upon the premises or water.
  16. Annual subscriptions are to be paid to the Secretary before 1st April each year. Failure to comply shall deem as Resignation of the Association.
  17. The Committee shall have the power to co-op members on to the Committee as and when required.
  18. In the event that the Association has to be dissolved, the Committee must immediately, or, at such a future date as is specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the Associations assets and, after the discharge of all liabilities must divide such assets equally in proportion to the amount each Ordinary Member has paid in entrance fee and subscriptions among all the Ordinary Members. Or, as determined by a majority vote by the Membership at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.  Only then will the Association be dissolved.