1. Ignorance of any Rule or By-Law will not be accepted as an excuse by the Committee.
  2. Proof of Membership or Day Permit and Environment Agency Rod Licence must be produced at the request of the Association’s Bailiff(s), Officer(s) or member(s). Failure to produce these documents will result in the angler having to leave the Association’s venue immediately.
  3. Carp unhooking mats MUST be used. All Carp anglers must carry and use walled or cradle style unhooking mats this is compulsory.
  4. Carp landing nets to be a minimum of 42 inches. We would also encourage you to collapse down your landing net to help a safe transfer from water to matt. A safe transfer to your sling in the water is also permitted with fish safety being a priority.
  5. All Leaders are banned, which includes Leadcore, Lead free, Safety Zone and Fluorocarbon leaders. (i.e. no knot above the hook link)
  6. NO CARP are to be retained in carp sacks or keep nets. Ridged or floating weigh slings must be used at all times when weighing or transporting fish to and from the water.
  7. Members are responsible for removing all general litter, and fishing related litter, on the peg they are fishing on before and after fishing.
  8. BARBLESS hooks only. All hooks larger than size 12 must be of a barbless type.
  9. Rods must not be left unattended.
  10. Rods must be securely mounted at all times via either a rod pod or bank sticks, Secured but rests must be used. RODS MUST BE SECURED BY THE BUT REST AT ALL TIMES.
  11. All multiple baits such as seeds, nuts, peas and beans must be well soaked (min 24 hr), prepared correctly, and used in moderation.
  12. Random checks will be made with regard to permits, memberships, licences, rigs and bait. Please do not take offence if you are asked for a rig check by a bailiff.
  13. Permanently fixed leads are not permitted whilst fishing for carp. All leads must be on a lead drop off system, lead clips are ok. The only exception to this rule is running leads, which must not have stops above the lead (bolt rig style).
  14. Carp anglers need to ensure they are using a minimum diameter line 0.35mm. No Braided mainline is permitted.
  15. Carp anglers must be in possession of antiseptic treatment.
  16. Baits being fished on the surface of the water are not permitted.
  17. The Committee reserve the right to open or close the venues whenever it is deemed necessary. (Spawning and/or club matches)
  18. The use of bait boats, model boats or any other type of boat is not permitted on the Association’s venues. Rowing boats can only be used by the committee and bailiffs in the course of their duty.
  19. The Lighting of fires is only permitted by the committee for maintenance works.
  20. Keepnets must not be less than 2 metres in length and must have a minimum diameter of 40 centimetres. Bailiffs have the right to inspect keepnets at any time and may, at their discretion, require fish to be released should they believe that any distress is being caused.
  21. Fishing is only allowed on designated pegs on the Meadow / Pwll-y-Waun pond.
  22. No additional swims are to be cut.
  23. Two rods may be used by all members, provided they are used in an appropriate and responsible manner. Members not using two rods responsibly will be requested to use one rod only in future. Full Senior Members (excluding day ticket holders) are permitted to use three rods from 1st November to the end of February. All members are required to have the appropriate EA rod licence.
  24. Dogs are permitted on the Association’s venues providing owners clean up after them, and exercise proper control over them.
  25. All fish must be landed and returned to the water in a safe and responsible manner as soon as possible.
  26. All members are responsible for ensuring that gates providing access to the Association’s venue(s) are locked at all times.
  27. Any member whosoever contravenes the Association’s Constitution and/or Rules shall be answerable to the Committee. The Committee is empowered to suspend or terminate membership if deemed appropriate.
  28. Members of the Association will at all times when using the Association’s venues, conduct themselves in a responsible manner in respect to fish, wildfowl, the environment, other anglers, local residents and members of the public.
  29. Members will assist the Association’s Officers in upholding the Constitution and Rules.
  30. Membership is not transferable to any other person.
  31. Membership of the Association is from 1st April to 31st March, both days included. Fishing is allowed during this period from 6.00am to 10.00pm unless otherwise stated by the Committee. No member intending to fish is allowed on the banks of the Association’s venues before 5:30am or to remain after 10:30pm. Please note Day Ticket fishing times differ to that or members and they are only permitted to fish from 7am until 6pm.
  32. Any member who holds an Environment Agency junior rod licence will be classed as a junior member until such time as a senior licence must be purchased.
  33. Any senior member who holds an Environment Agency Concessionary rod licence will qualify for concessionary membership, proof may be requested (e.g. copy of EA rod licence).
  34. Junior members are permitted to use one rod only. Juniors under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult.
  35. Bailiffs are authorised to suspend/confiscate the membership or day permit of any angler who is considered to be endangering their own, or other person’s safety, by being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, solvents, etc., and will be asked to leave the Association’s venue.
  36. The Association cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any member’s or day permit holder’s vehicle or property however caused whilst they are using the Association’s venues.
  37. No fish are to be introduced to the Association’s venues, or to be transferred between the Association’s venues, without the approval of the committee.
  38. A copy of these rules must be carried by members when using the Association’s venues.
  39. The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Association’s Rules and By-Laws and the decision of the Committee upon any question of interpretation, or any matter affecting the Association not provided for by the Rules and By-Laws, shall be final and binding upon all members of the Association.
  40. If any club rules are deemed to have been broken then no refund(s) will be issued.

Revised March 2024